Double Knit Computerized 6(4) Colors with Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine

  • Unique color selector design. Patented in many countries, compact structure, less fluff.
  • Patented yarn cutting system for the color selector is durable for long-term use, with stable color selecting and high capacity.
  • 3-way actuator system with stable operation system.
  • Simple computer system is easy to learn, operate, and has a very user friendly design, both for striper and jacquard patterns.
  • Unique pull-down computer operating screen for simple using.
  • A USB device can be used to easily save and use pattern data.
  • Unique patented double hooked yarn feeder for best performance and excellent quality fabric.
  • The rolling machine adopts step-less sections with folding function, consistent and even speed changes, larger pack up extent, easy to use.
  • Via electronic color selecting system, hardware and software system, best combination for single jersey striper and jacquard will be shown.
Model Description Diameter Gauge
TY-DK-C4J Double Knit Fully Jacquard 4 Colors Auto Striper 30”-40” 10-28G
TY-DK-C6J Double Knit Fully Jacquard 6 Colors Auto Striper 30”-40” 10-28G