High Speed Single Jersey / 3 Thread Fleece Circular Knitting Machine

  • The material used for the cam is a special alloyed steel. Needle track is made with precision CNC milling machines and grinding treatments to make the needle very accurate and smooth. The needles are very durable while the machine is running.
  • Lycra attachment can be installed on machines to knit the lycra fabrics. (optional)
  • By changing the cams system, a variety of fabrics can be produced, such as: Health fabric, Plisse, air layer, double layer fabric, Ottoman, Roman, etc.
  • Available yarns for production: Wool, Roving, Cotton, Blending, Rayon, and Chemical fiber.
Model Description Diameter Gauge Feeder
TY-DK- Double Knit Machine 30”-42” 10-32G 2, 2.8 F/inch
TY-DK Rib Knit Machine 30”-38” 14-18G 2 F/inch