Mechanism Features

Machine life

Unique casting design with concentric circles and V-shape track (not normal ball bearing design) maintains that the circle rate and the main gear run at the same horizontal rate, extending machine life.

Minimize friction

Uses oil lubrication for the main frame and gears to minimize friction.

Very easy to use

The unique design of the CSA (Central Stitch Adjustment) system is very easy to use.

Fine-tuning systems

The manual fine-tuning systems allows operators to finely tune the main gear to be in any position. Easy to correct and operate the machine.

Adopts patented

The central base of interlock dial adopts a patented preloading structure method to support the bearing seat. Adjusting the bearing seat is not necessary.


Easily adjust the main screws to tune the needle gating of the dial cylinder and cylinder. Fast and convenient.

International safety tests

Electrical equipment has passed international safety tests.

Decreases costs

Unique design of cam produces the beautiful formation of fabric, and extends needles and sinkers life, also reducing costs.

Color Selector (4 / 6 colors)


  • Vertical shape design with less fluff and easy cleaning, less stains on fabric
  • Small & compact design for high speed performance & long-term use
  • Patented design for knitting a variety of yarns
  • Patented yarn cutting system, durable knife for long-term use

Automatic Yarn Delivery Device (Double hook yarn feeder)


  • More stable yarn delivery than traditional single hook yarn feeders
  • Less yarn breakage, and wrapping back when knitting filament yarn
  • Less slippery on rubber band, less barr'e on fabric
  • Less friction between yarn and rubber band, which reduces flying fluff and rubber band wear and tear
  • Can accelerate speed of RPM with higher productivity

Actuator (2/3 way)


  • Electromagnet type with high speed & stability
  • Special & unique design for running under bad working conditions
  • High speed performance

Control Box

  • Large memory capacity for storing patterns
  • Both for striper patterns and jacquard patterns
  • Unique pull-down computer operating screen for easy learning
  • Adopting a USB device is easy to implement & save pattern date from your computer